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NEW BOOK! Hope for the Nations by Tom Holland

Saint Paul's Epistle to the Romans

Hope for the Nations

Hope for the Nations: Scholar’s Book Corrects Misunderstandings in Paul’s Letter to the Romans; Transforming Original Text. Available now £16.99 Paperback £9.99 ebook from

Painstakingly researched by Senior Research Fellow in Biblical studies, Dr Tom Holland, ‘Hope for the Nations: Paul’s Letter to the Romans (A Corporate Reading)’ takes readers deep into the world of the Roman Church and the culture into which Paul wrote his magnificent epistle. By correcting misunderstandings that have existed for two-thousand years, Holland urges readers to rethink familiar passages in Paul’s Letter to the Romans from a fresh perspective, bearing in mind St. Paul’s Jewish roots, and so challenges common misconceptions about the apostle’s wider Biblical/theological beliefs.

Among the twenty-seven books that make up the New Testament, ‘The Epistle to the Romans’ is often referred to as the “most important theological legacy” for its explanation and defence of the gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ. However, as Dr Tom Holland proves in his compelling new book, scholarly interpretation of the volume has been fraught with misconceptions.

In ‘Hope for the Nations: Paul’s Letter to the Romans (A Corporate Reading)’ Dr Holland attempts to correct these points of confusion and, in the process, challenge every level of readers’ Biblical beliefs.

Anthony C. Thiselton, Professor of Christian Theology and the University of Nottingham comments, “Tom Holland always remains alert to the influence and relevance of the Old Testament and emphasizes the impact of Paul’s thought upon the church as a community as well as on the individual as part of that community…a very salient and practical commentary.”

Blanchard Professor of New Testament, Douglas Moo, adds, “The commentary digs deeply into current scholarship on the Old Testament roots of Paul’s teaching, yet presents its conclusions in accessible language.”

‘Tom’s commentary invites readers to break away from fixed ideas and journey to new place. It is informed, scholarly, rich in exegetical insights, yet easy to understand. I highly recommend it…’ Lawson Murray, President of Scripture Union Canada


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