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The Christ of the Virgin Birth

Christmas Jesus is Born

Jesus born of the virgin

Many church statements of faith contain a line such as this: “We believe in the virgin birth, sinless life…and substitutionary atoning death of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
A Perfect Life Prepared. The Virgin Birth.
The virgin birth is an important fundamental truth of the Christian faith. Higher critics of Bible would deny virgin birth, and tell us that Christ had a human father. Christians, of course, believe in the virgin birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. We refute any suggestion to the contrary. Why is the virgin birth so important and why was it necessary?
Firstly, to say that Christ had a human father is to rob Him of His Deity. In Isa. 7.14 (Matt. 1.23). Isaiah prophesied that the child to be born would be “God with us.” God manifest in the flesh. 1Tim. 3.16. Col. 1.15. If Christ had a human father then he would not have been able to save us, for He would have been merely human like the rest of us. The truth of the incarnation is that God became man. This was necessary, for in order to redeem us He had to die. Heb. 2.14-17. The virgin birth is important because it was essential that Christ should be without sin. Since Adam fell, all his descendants have been born in a sinful condition. We are born in trespasses and sins. Psalm 51.5 There is no difference between any of us, we have all sinned (Rom. 3.22,23), and not one of us can pay the ransom price to redeem himself, let alone others. Psa. 49.7
So then, so that He might be qualified to redeem us, Christ had to be born without sin, and to be born without sin He had to be born independently of the seed of man.
So how was Christ’s body prepared? Mary, when told by the angel in Luke 1.30-31 that she would have a son, questioned how this could be. Listen to the angels answer to her. Luke 1.34-35. It was the Holy Spirit who prepared the body of the Lord Jesus Christ. It was a perfect body. It had to be, for it was to be offered to God as a sacrifice. Heb. 10.5. This is why, in the OT, animal sacrifices had to be without spot or blemish because they typified the Christ who would come and, through the Eternal Spirit, offer Himself unblemished to God.
A Perfect Life Lived. Sinless Life.
We have seen that through the virgin birth, Christ was born with a perfect body, without sin. But now what about His life? Do we have evidence to say that Christ’s life was without sin? There is abundant scripture to support this truth. What about that thirty year period when little is known of what Christ did? For a period of thirty years, apart from a few details of his early years and his visit to the temple at twelve, the scripture remains silent. But we have all we need to know in Matt. 3.17, where God the Father voices His approval of all that Jesus had done during those years.

1 Peter 2.22 He did no sin.
1 John 3.5 There was no sin in Him.
1 Peter 1.19 He was without spot or blemish.
Hebrews 4.15 He was tempted – yet without sin.

Hebrews 7.26 He is separate from sinners.

2 Corinth 5.21 He knew no sin.

Christ’s question to His enemies in John 8.46 was “which of you convicts me of sin?” and none of them could say a word. They would have liked to, but they could not.
A Perfect Life Offered. Atoning Death.
We have mentioned that in the OT animal sacrifices were offered to God for the people’s sins.
These sacrifices were not satisfactory for a number of reasons:

They did not perfect the worshiper. Heb 10.1,2. Christ’s Offering has Heb 10.10
They could not take away sins Heb 10.4 Christ’s Offering has Heb 9.26
They could not cleanse the conscience Heb 10.3. Christ’s offering has. Heb 9.14
They had to be offered often. Heb 10.1,2 (Heb 10.11). Christ offered himself once for all. Heb 10.12 and Heb. 7.27,28.
We see that Christ’s work was all sufficient for us all, and that it is a finished work. Heb 10.12,14.
He has purchased eternal redemption for us. Heb 9.12.
Having fulfilled the requirements of the law in His life, Jesus satisfied the demands of the law in His death, taking the sentence it demanded for sinners. So now He has justified us freely, forever. He has freed us from the penalty of sin, the power of sin and one day he will come to redeem our bodies from the very presence of sin.


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