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A Morning Prayer

I have thought about you Today.I am feeling a lot of peace as i pray for my friends this Morning.The Lord is fully assuring that He will bless His people.I am sure there are areas you need the LORD to do something in your life.God can change the History within a short according to His will.Since yesterday this word is ringing in me that God wants to change History and this case i mean bad history.I know you have so many stories and testimonies to tell on what the Lord is doing in you but there are areas the Lord wants to bless more in your life in Jesus Name.Just stand in FAITH and proclaim what you want.Sing it out as you stand in the Mountain of the Lord.Wake up every morning and praise the Lord.Do this the whole day and then Confess positively as you go to sleep.See only the positives and lay aside the negatives.
Please Read this word below,
Nahum Chapter 1 Vs

7 The LORD [is] good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him.

Stay highly blessed as the grace and favor of God are upon you always.




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