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A Prayer for You

How are you doing in the Lord?
I trust that the Lord has kept in His GRACE.
I know there is power in prayer agreement.
I will be praying for you this week.
i am so down and i need the power of God in me.I want God to use me in a mighty way all for the glory of His name.I am disturbed that we are leaving in a evil world.So many bad things are happening and the devil appears to be in control in contrary.The bible has promised great victory for God’s people.But our victory is in prayer of FAITH.Agree with me as i need the power of God in me in a great and mighty way.I want to be used to bring hope to this ailing world.i want to see more miracles and signs in Jesus Name.I am sure we can change things around.We are meant to shake the kingdom of darkness.We can make it.
Remember me in your prayers this week.From tomorrow Monday up to Friday i will be away on the mountain praying earnestly.I am sure you will be blessed.I have your name printed and i will be mentioning you over and over this week.I am expecting that miracles will come on your way in Jesus NAME.Believe with me in the Lord.I wish to hear a testimony of what the Lord has done.So let us be in agreement.Much Love and may God’s blessings shower upon you this week in a mighty way.


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