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Healing Testimony from Pastor Eric Rivera (Philippines)


I had been suffering from a severe pain for years due to my kidney
stone.Last July 2010, I was admitted to the Hospital because I could not
urinate, fresh blood was coming out from my organ.I was diagnosed as having a
kidney failure and I need to undergo Surgical Operation as soon as Possible or I
will die after 12 hours. The doctors told me to prepare 350 thousand Pesos and
it could go higher depends on the progress of  my case. I told my wife and
children that I can’t undergo operation for my kidney stone because I don’t have
that amount.So,against medical advice I was told to sign a waiver that the
hospital and the doctors have no liabilities of whatever happens to me.Pain
becomes more intense when I got home and I could not sleep not even a nap.In the
middle of the night the pain becomes more unbearable,Pain is over all in my body
and I could feel the spirit of death is pulling me to the grave.It was a
horrible experience that only God can deliver.4:am, I kneel down and cried out
unto the Lord for His Mercy.I was crying before the Lord and told Him that even
in the midts of my agony I will praise and worship Him and I started praying
aloud Psalms 23 written by king David when all of a sudden I was shaking and was
filled with the shekinah Glory of God..I was totally lost in His Presence and
forget all the pain that I was having and moments later I heard a voice telling
me to go to the bathroom and urinate.My human reasoning told me that I can’t but
my spirit with the help of the Holy spirit says go and step out in faith.When I
was in the bathroom,I felt something is moving  in the inside of me and it’s so
fast,I could even hear the sounds that travels like an object or something is
coming to go out so fast out of my body.After this strange feeling and sounds
from the inside,I noticed that there was a dark brown object at the tip hole of
my organ and because it’s bigger than  the hole passage or the urinary tract,I
pulled it out and even it’s so tight somehow I manage to remove the stone from
my organ.I was surprised of what I saw,A very hard sharp stone about 1 inch long
and about the size of my finger came out from my kidney without surgical
intervention.I was crying when I saw the stone,I shouted thank you Lord truly
you are my JEHOVAH RAPHA-My HEALER.(Exudos 15:26)God Is still the same yesterday
and Today and Forever.God is no respector of person what has done to me He will
surely do it to you.NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD.  By::Rev.Eric M. Rivera. For
Prayer and Counseling call: 63933 3030178 or
Pls.share this to your friends specially those who need miracles of
healing/I am praying that God’s anointing through this e-mail will heal the sick
Thank you Eric for sharing your testimony with us at, an online Bible Study Fellowship

2 comments on “Healing Testimony from Pastor Eric Rivera (Philippines)

  1. biblecommentaries
    August 29, 2011

    Thanks Eric for this wonderful, faith building testimony!

  2. Mathew Bartlett
    September 10, 2011

    Thank you brother Eric! Readers, please send your Bible studies, testimonies and quotes to us via . Email

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